BODY GOMMAGE Body Enzymatic Gommage 16.90 o.z.



Body Enzymatic Gommage based on essential substances for skin care. The combined effect of proteolytic enzymes and lactic acid gently dissolves dead cells, favoring tissue regeneration, thus giving a uniform and luminous complexion. The emollient action of Jojoba oil in combination with the antioxidant action of tocopherol and allantoin, promotes skin rejuvenation, giving the skin elasticity and tone.


Apply the gommage on dry skin and exercise accurate circular movements. Leave to work for a few minutes and rinse.


JOJOBA OIL: Jojoba oil has emollient, moisturizing and protective properties for skin pH. Particularly similar to the composition of the skin, rich in vitamins, minerals, iodine, tocopherol and other natural antioxidant substances, it prevents dehydration, reducing the loss of water from the cells. It strengthens the hydrolipidic film, protects, revitalizes and elasticizes the skin, preventing normal aging and giving it smoothness, tone and brightness. Particularly suitable in case of dry, withered and senescent skin, it restores tone and elasticity to the tissues with visible results already from the first applications.

APRICOT KERNELS: The circular fragmentation of apricot kernels allows the product to remove dead cells, gently but deeply, promoting tissue regeneration. They help to rebalance sebaceous secretion, eliminating blackheads and excess sebum.

VITAMIN E / TOCOPHEROL: It carries out an important antioxidant action capable of blocking the harmful effect that free radicals exert on cells. It protects the structure of collagen and preserves skin elasticity, thus counteracting premature aging due to the oxidative stress of sunlight, pollution and smoke. Tone and elasticity prevent the appearance of wrinkles, the emptying of tissues and the loss of definition of face contours.

LACTIC ACID: Belonging to the family of alpha hydroxy acids, it is able to break the bonds that are created between keratinocytes, facilitating their removal, thus promoting a more rapid cell renewal without altering the natural skin pH. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen (protein that gives structure to the skin) and of elastin (protein that gives elasticity to the skin). It thus renders the delivery of active ingredients more effective and efficient and removes any melanin deposits present in the most superficial layers of the skin. Moreover, thanks to its hygroscopic properties, it is able to attract water molecules up to the deepest layers of the skin, in order to make it more compact, soft and smooth to the touch.

ALLANTOIN: Fundamental molecule for dermis health. Rich in antioxidant, soothing, moisturizing and repairing substances, it protects the skin from the harmful aggressions of free radicals, preventing their normal skin aging. It deeply nourishes it and stimulates its physiological cellular self-regeneration, keeping it young over time.

PAPAIN: Natural proteolytic enzyme of vegetable origin with keratolytic, antiinflammatory and antiseptic properties. It dissolves dead cells, activates cell renewal by rejuvenating and regenerating the complexion in a gentle way. Rich in Vitamin A and C and other antioxidant substances, it fights free radicals, helping to keep the skin young and moisturized, also improving imperfections such as spots and pimples.

BROMELINE: Natural proteolytic enzyme of vegetable origin, it plays an important keratolytic action, purifying the skin of dead cells and stimulating the production of new ones. In this way the skin will be more healthy, elastic and renewed in the structure.