BODY SCRUB Apricot Kernels 16.9 o.z.



Body gel scrub based on finely crushed apricot kernels specific for body cleaning and cleansing before treatments. It gently and deeply removes dead skin cells by encouraging tissues regeneration. Thanks to the circular fragmentation of apricot kernels, it helps to rebalance the sebum secretion, removing blackheads and excess sebum. It leaves the skin pores free to “breathe” giving a sensation of fresh, toned and clean. It is a product with stable and non-invasive qualities, also suitable for sensitive and with teleangectasie skins.


Take the required quantity of product and vigorously massage it directly on the skin. Remove with water.


APRICOT KERNELS: The circular fragmentation of apricot kernels allows the product to remove dead cells gently but deeply, promoting tissue regeneration. It helps to rebalance the sebum secretion, eliminating blackheads and excess sebum