COLD BODY GEL Horse Chestnut – Sea Oak, Jojoba Oil 16.90 o.z.



Refreshing body gel, rich in physiotherapeutic active ingredients recommended in the treatment of blemishes due to cutaneous relaxation. The refreshing and vasoconstricting action gives an immediate feeling of well-being to tired and painful legs. Effective on the legs, buttocks, stomach, hips and arms, it leaves the skin toned, compact and bright.


Take the required quantity of product. Massage with circular movements the part affected by blemishing. Proceed with the most appropriate massage technique.


HORSE CHESTNUT: In cosmetics the horse chestnut seeds extract is used for its vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and draining properties. Particularly suitable for treatment of lower limbs blemishes, such as edema, cellulite and microcirculation’s defects.

SEA OAK: The extract of Quercia Marina (fucus or Alga Bruna), has important stimulating and reducing properties. Thanks to the enormous intake of iodine, it stimulates the proper functioning of the thyroid activity by accelerating the metabolism of fat, thus promoting the circulation of interstitial fluids and progressively reducing cellulite’s blemishes. Valid and effective aid in the prevention and treatment of imperfections related to localized fat.

JOJOBA OIL: Particularly indicated in the case of dry, wizened and senescent skin, it restores tone to the tissues with visible results already from the first applications. Excellent as body purifier. Particularly akin to the composition of the skin, rich in vitamins, minerals, iodine, tocopherol and other natural antioxidants, it prevents dehydration, reducing the loss of water in the cells. It strengthens the hydrolipidic film, protects, revitalizes and elasticizes the skin, preventing normal aging and giving it smoothness, tone and brightness.

MENTHOL: Menthol produces a refreshing, decongestant and invigorating effect on the lower limbs. Slightly analgesic, it is indicated to relieve itchy and irritative states.