DRAINING BODY OIL Sage, Horse Chestnut, Orange 16.90 o.z.



Functional massage oil specific for the treatment of skin blemishes caused by water retention. Particularly rich in highly concentrated phytotherapeutic ingredients, it plays an important stimulating action on the microcirculation, with consequent oxygenation of the tissues and elimination of toxins and excess fluids stagnant in the tissues. It allows a perfect fluidity to the manual movement, being particularly suitable as a support to the professional activity, in the execution of the chosen massage technique.


Apply the required quantity of product. Proceed with the appropriate massage technique


SAGE: Rich in active and beneficial ingredien- ts such as flavonoids, vitamin B1 , C and other substances essential for skin nourishing, it plays an important antioxidant and stimulating action. It counteracts free radicals by slowing down tissues degeneration and, thanks to the synergy between the chlorogenic acid and its other components, it has an important reducing, diuretic and toning action.

HORSE CHESTNUT: In cosmetics the horse chestnut seeds extract is used for its vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and draining proper- ties. Particularly suitable for treatment of lower limbs blemishes, such as edema, cellulite and microcirculation’s defects.

ORANGE: Particularly rich in flavonoids, it stimulates blood circulation, decreases the permeability of the capillaries, increasing their resistance and promoting diuresis, thus being an excellent remedy for the treatment and prevention of skin blemishes linked to water retention.