DRAINING BODY SYNERGY Lemon, Peppermint, White Thyme, Rosemary, Basil 1.014 o.z.



Valuable compound of essential oils indicated for the shock-treatment of lower limbs tissues particularly affected by the water retention’s problem.


Take the required quantity of product with the special dropper and spread it directly on the affected areas. Let it penetrate with a gentle massage.


LEMON: The lemon has important draining properties. It stimulates the micro-circle and helps to awaken the fats’ metabolism. The high concentration of vitamin C, makes it a valuable help to restore and strengthen the veins’ vestibule.

WHITE THYME: The essential oil of white thyme has an important lipid and strengthening action on the tissues affected by water retention, cellulitis and / or in general by localized adiposity.

BASIL: Tonic for the nervous system and lymphatic vessels.

PEPPERMINT: The essential oil of peppermint produces a stimulating effect on the tissues, fighting lower limbs’ swelling and pain due to bad circulation.

ROSEMARY: The rosemary’s essence exerts a stimulating action on the urinary tract, promoting the diuresis and improving the dumping of impurities from our body. It improves blood circulation, fighting water retention and belly’s thighs’ and abdomen’s swell. As a natural tonic, it performs an important re-compacting and stretching action of the tissues, preventing their flabbiness.