DRAINING SEA CRYSTALS Rosemary, Pine, Sea Salt, Pure Sweet Almond Oil, Marine Oak 11.83 o.z.



Specific Biphasic Functional Treatment, studied for the prevention and treatment of water retention skin blemishes. Deeply removes dead cells and promotes tissue regeneration. It stimulates the blood microcirculation, avoiding the typical stagnation effect due to a wrong rising of fluids or sedentariness, thus reducing swelling and heaviness of the lower limbs.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Carefully mix the Phytotherapeutic Activator with the Crystals, until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Take the necessary quantity of product, using a wooden spatula, and apply it on the part affected by the skin imperfection, making circular and energetic movements. Leave to operate in an electric blanket for at least 10/15 minutes. Remove the product with sponge knobs moistened with warm water.

The product can be used:
– by itself as a specific functional treatment in the prevention and treatment of water retention skin blemish
– or as preparatory phase in specific professional Skin System Body treatments.


ROSEMARY: Rosemary improves blood circulation, fighting water retention and belly’s thighs’ and abdomen’s swell. As a natural tonic, it performs an important re-compacting and stretching action of the tissues, preventing their flabbiness.

PINE: The pine tree is a plant with strong toning and draining features. It strengthens the tissue wall and stimulates blood microcirculation, considerably reducing the water retention, main cause of legs’ swell and other annoying skin blemishes.

SEA SALT: Sweet almond oil, rich in Vit. A B E and MINERALS, is known for its multiple properties: it fights skin aging and dryness and prevents the formation of cellulite by reinvigorating the peripheral circulation and reducing the water retention.

MARINE OAK: The extract of Marine Oak (fucus or Brown Alga), presents important stimulating and reducing properties. Thanks to the contribution of iodine, it stimulates the functioning of the thyroid activity and accelerates the metabolism of fats, thus favoring the circulation of interstitial fluids and progressively reducing cellulite blemishes.