HEATING BODY GEL Seaweed, Ivy, Capsicum 8.45 o.z.



Body gel with a warming action, rich in high-concentrated physiotherapeutic active ingredients, recommended in the treatment of cellulite’s skin blemish and localized adiposity. The heating action conveys the active ingredients in depth, stimulating microcirculation and draining of excess liquids. It leaves the skin toned, compact and bright.


Take the required quantity of product. Massage with circular movements the part affected by blemishing. Proceed with the most appropriate massage technique.


SEAWEED: Particularly rich in iodine, minerals, magnesium, vitamin A B C, proteins, fatty acids, they perform important beneficial actions for the skin. Easily conveyable, they stimulate cellular metabolism and microcirculation, reducing localized fat deposits, excess fluids from the tissues and the annoying “orange peel” effect. They improve tone, elasticity and skin appearance that will be more taut and brighter.

IVY: The most known and significant quality of ivy is the ability to counteract cellulite’s skin blemishes. Thanks to its remarkable draining pro- perties and its ability to stimulate blood microcirculation, ivy is among the most used natural remedies to mitigate and prevent the appearance of subcutaneous fat and at the same time prevent and counteract swelling and heaviness of the lower limbs.

CAPSICUM: Stimulates the microcirculation, drawing blood to the skin surface with consequent production of heat. It acts on processes that regularize the circulation of liquids, oxygenating the tissues and favoring intercellular exchanges. It speeds up the cells basal metabolism, thus contributing to the reabsorption of edemas and to the reduction of localized adiposities.