Neutral Massage Oil 5 lt



Emollient, soothing, nourishing and elasticizing oil, rich of A,B,E vitamins, particularly suited for arid and dry skin. Excellent in pregnancy to fight the appearance of stretch marks and postpartum to recover skin tone and for the baby’s skin care. It returns softness and elasticity even in cases of sudden and repeated weight changes.
Excellent as after wax to remove any residual gives a smooth and perfectly moisturized skin. It prevents wrinkles appearance.



Almond oil rich of A B E vitamins and MINERALS is well known for its several properties: it fights skin aging and arid and dry skin formation, it prevents cellulite formation reinvigorating the peripheral circulation and reducing water retention, it reduces the itching in cases of measles, chicken pox and eczema, it protects the lips during winter, rubbed on the skin and hair it gives tone and brightness, massaged on feet before sleeping it helps relaxing, during pregnancy it gives tone and elasticity to the skin, prevents stretch marks appearance, reduces irritations and skin stress due to body change, during breastfeeding it prevents and reduces nipple chaps, suited for newborn and baby massage for skin care and to incentivize a relaxed night sleep.


Emollient, soothing, nourishing and elasticizing oil rich in Vit. A, B, E particularly indicated in cases of dry and dry skin.