PINK HYMALAYAN SALT BODY SCRUB 100% pure & natural Jojoba oil, Hypericum extract 16.90 o.z.



Dry body scrub without rinsing based on Himalayan pink salt 100% natural and pure, enriched with Jojoba oil and Hypericum extract. It exfoliates and cleanses the skin with a detox effect, making it soft, velvety and glowing. With a refined fragrace, it invigorates the senses and refre shes the body. Rejuvenates the body: Used at least twice a week, it improves the texture and appearance of the skin. Himalayan salt, rich in detoxifying minerals, in synergy with precious oils and nourishing active ingredients, moistu rizes the skin, eliminates dryness, even in the driest and most flaky areas, leaving the skin soft, nourished, compact and glowing. Pre wax scrub: Excellent as body preparation for epilation. It purifies the pores eliminating obstructive substances and raises 80% of the under hairs, facilitating their correct extraction. Pre-treatment cabin scrub: Purifies the skin making it more receptive to active ingredients. It opens the pores, absorbs excess fluids and stimulates the microcirculation, thus being indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite, water retention and localized fat.


Apply to dry skin once/twice a week; exercise circular movements and remove any residue with a damp cloth. If necessary, proceed with the application of an emollient product from the SkinSystem dermocosmetic line. As pre wax product, use recommended 24 h before waxing and in the following days weekly, starting from the third after epilation. As treatment in the cabin: use recommended before performing the treatment in the cabin.


HIMALAYAN PINK SALT: Also known as white gold, it is an unrefined salt and not treated by any chemical process, thus being uncontaminated and free of toxins. Rich in 84 trace elements, it performs an important detoxifying peeling action, leaving the skin soft and smooth, keeping its pH unchanged. It stimulates cell regeneration, thus being indicated also in the case of psoriasis, skin spots, dryness.

HYPERIC EXTRACT: Plant extract rich in flavonoids and tannins, plays an important antioxidant as well as soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing and reepithelising action.

JOJOBA OIL: Particularly similar to the skin composition, rich in vitamins, minerals, iodine, tocopherol and other natural antioxidant substances, it prevents dehydration, reducing the loss of water from the cells. It strengthens the hydrolipidic film, protects, revitalizes and elasticizes the skin, preventing the normal aging and giving it smoothness, tone and brightness. Particularly indicated in the case of dry, withered and aging skin, it restores tone and elasticity to the tissues with visible results from the first applications.