Specific spray cream for breast shock treatment. It strengthens the skin tissue weakened by the passage of time, diets or pregnancies*, giving it immediate elasticity, firmness and volume. Specific patented functional active ingredients such as Voluform ™, Regu ® Stretch and Tripeptide-5, in synergy with Vitamins, Horehound and Palmitate, perform an important lifting, firming, reshaping, elasticizing and plumping action.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply the product on the breast twice a day for six weeks. Massage gently with circular movements starting from the base of the breasts upwards, avoiding areola and nipple.
The product can also be applied on the decolleté area.
* It is recommended to use the product after breastfeeding.


VOLUFORM ™: Tone and volume. Essential amino acid with a high skin penetration index, supports and repairs vital skin tissues and basic proteins. It acts directly on the cells that guarantee volume and tone to the skin by strengthening the fibroblasts stimulating them in the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, fundamental structures of the dermis. The Voluform ™, an alternative to lipofilling, has the ability to fill the tissues and reshape the volumes giving a natural lifting effect.

REGU® -STRETCH: Elasticity and tone. A peptide that promotes tissue repair process, stimulates collagen synthesis by improving skin elasticity and tone.

TRIPEPTIDE-5: Antioxidant plumping. Peptide that manages to penetrate to the deepest layers of the der- mis, with proven anti-aging efficacy. After reaching its posi- tion, it sends a message to the cells activated by producing new collagen, thus keeping the skin firm and young.

VIT B5: Hydration-elasticity-softness. Pantothenic acid, gives hydration to the skin making it soft and supple and promoting tissue repair.

HOREHOUND: Hydration protection from free radicals. Horehound, particularly rich in Polyphenols, Triterpenes, mineral salts, Peptins and mucilages, it has an important detoxifying, cutaneous anti-stress and protective action on the skin, blocking the degenerative effect caused by free radicals. It reinforces the walls of the blood vessels thus promoting proper blood circulation and adequate nourishment and cellular oxygenation. Pectins and mucilages, heteropolisaccharides capable of absorbing large quantities of water, generating Hydrocolloids that applied to the skin form a thin elastic and protective film, are able to progressively release water to the stratum corneum, thus resulting the active ingredient indicated in the treatment of dry skin, stressed and senescent.