Eyes Age Patch 5 bags 2 Patch

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Special Hydro-Gel Patch Mask for the eye contour. It effectively reduces the visibility of wrinkles around the eyes, smoothes the grain of the skin and reduces bags and dark circles. The eye contour appears younger and the skin soft and silky.The Patch can also be applied on the nose-labial wrinkle


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply the patch on clean, dry skin of the eye area. Leave for at least 15/20 minutes. The Patch can also be applied on the nose-labial wrinkle. Indicated in the treatment of
thickening and lengthening of the lashes for a beauty Eyes shock effect.


GLYCOLIC ACID: Glycolic acid smoothes, moistu-rizes and gives brightness to the skin by stimulating and facilitating cell turnover and thus counteracting the effects of skin aging. Helps to eliminate pigmented cells with a gradual clearing of skin spots, uniforming the coloring. It activates the physiological mechanisms of synthesis of collagen and elastin, backbone of the dermis, hydrating and replenishing the treated area, thus promoting skin rejuvenation.It stimulates the blood microcirculation by draining excess fluid and oxygenating the tissues, bringing to the skin cells all the nourishment they need to carry out their activity.

SNAIL SLIME: The snail slime Helix Aspersa is a concentrate of substances with antioxidant, nourishing and moisturizing action. High concentrations of Collagen, Elastin, Glycolic Acid, Allantoin, Vitamin A and E counteract cells aging, the harmful effect of free radicals, reducing or making the signs of aging such as wrinkles and marks less evident. It regenerates the epidermis making it softer and more elastic. Purifies, tones and lights up.

BURDOCK: Particularly rich in Vitamin B, Amino Acids, Oligoelements, Tannins and Inulin, it plays an important purifying-detox action promoting the elimination of toxins, waste of the different metabolic reactions of the organism.

TOCOPHEROL: Tocopherol improves the condition of the skin surface by acting as a protector of fat present in cell membranes and maintaining a good water balance of the skin. It stabilizes Vitamin A and acting as a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin from harmful free radicals. It plays a fundamental role in the formation of regenerative processes of tissues damaged by sunlight. It has an important anti-wrinkle action preventing its appearance and delaying the premature skin aging process. Also suitable for young skin thanks to the preventive action of oxidative processes.