Eyes Lift Serum 0.507 o.z.

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Bioactive Serum rich in Pure Hyaluronic Acid at 5 molecular weights and Biopeptides. It acts on the different layers of the dermis by improving the structure of the skin. It smoothes the delicate eye area and acts effectively on wrinkles and tone. Enriched with caffeine, it reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags, giving the eyes a brighter and more rested appearance.


Apply morning and evening on clean and dry skin around the eyes, making draining and stimulating circular movements.


GINKGO Has an important antioxidant action, protecting the delicate eye area from free radicals. It stimulates cellular metabolism and the functionality of the microcirculation, reducing bags, wrinkles and dark circles.

CAFFEINE: Stimulates the blood flow by draining interstitial fluids between the cells. It awakens cellular activity and the resulting lipid metabolism. Particularly moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerating, it provides elasticity and protection to the skin, improving its tone and brightness. As a sunscreen, it protects the delicate eye contour area from damage caused by excessive exposure to UV rays.

BLUEBERRY: Prevents skin stress by carrying out an important protective action on delicate skin prone to redness. It strengthens the immune defences and at the same time soothes any irritation. Its antioxidant properties promote the synthesis of collagen fibres, improving the appearance of the skin. It stimulates the functionality of the microcirculation by acting effectively on the imperfections of the eye contour.

SHEA BUTTER: Particularly rich in vitamins and essential substances for the skin, it performs important moisturizing, nourishing and antioxidant functions. Promotes the production of collagen and provides nourishment to the skin, giving elasticity and tone. Creates a protective film against external aggressions, cold and dehydration.

PANTONOLACTONE: Maintains the right degree of hydration, leaving the skin radiant, healthy and plumped.

PANTHENOL: By virtue of its strong moisturizing, emollient and soothing action, it is particularly indicated in the care and treatment of dry, sensitive and / or irritated skin or in the presence of couperose.

TOCOPHEROL: IIt has an important antioxidant action capable of blocking the harmful effect that free radicals exert on cells. It protects the collagen structure and preserves skin elasticity, thus counteracting premature aging due to the oxidative stress of sunlight, pollution and smoke. The skin thus remains toned and elastic, counteracting the appearance of wrinkles.