Face cream Caviar extract 1.69 o.z.


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Precious face night cream with extract of caviar with important moisturizing and anti wrinkles properties. In synergy with the Pepha-Active and Retinol, effectively fights skin aging, promoting an important self-regenerating action of collagen and elastin. Recommended for treatments over 50.


Spread a small quantity of product on the face, neck and décolleté with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. Apply in the evening, on cleansed skin, before going to bed.


PEPHA-ACTIVIVE: It is an extract of “Dunaliella Salina”, a microalgae located in saline environments with a salinity of nine times higher than the salinity of sea water. It is a stress manager, generates and supplies high efficiency energy to the stressed skin that has lost vigor, tone and brightness.

VITAMIN A: The Retinol is essential to the maintenance and development of dermis connective structure. It stimulates cells regeneration and the synthesis of collagen, playing an important action of preservation of skin turgidity.

CAVIAR: It is an organized cell containing all the elements necessary for life such as: vitamins, proteins, minerals and other valuable components. The specific talent of this substance is teaching our skin how becoming child again, considerably increasing the self-regeneration of collagen and elastin, in the typical and characteristic quantities of the early stages of our life.