AQUA RESOURCE Xpertmoist®, Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Aloe Vera 1.69 o.z.

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Fresh and moisturizing face gel cream based on Xpertmoist®, hyaluronic acid and organic Aloe extract. It absorbs quickly without grea- sing, giving immediate hydration. It leaves the skin velvety and plumped.



Apply to cleansed skin morning and evening or when needed. Suitable for all skin types.


XPERTMOIST®: Molecular film rich in active ingredients with an immediate moi- sturizing and regenerating effect. It acts in the deepest layers of the skin through a gradual hydro-proteic occlusive release system, giving the skin hydration, nourishment and elasticity.

HYALURONIC ACID: It is one of the main components of human connective tissues. Thanks to its ability to recall and bind to itself a high number of water molecules, it guarantees deep hydration, resistance, structure and firmness of the skin.

ALOE VERA: Particularly rich in A B C E vitamins, minerals and other substances essential for dermis health, it has an important regenerating, antioxi- dant, astringent, sebum-regulating and immunostimulant action. It counteracts oxidative stress, favored by chemical, physical, biologi- cal, mental and nutritional factors, thus blocking the physiological cellular aging process of the skin. It disinfects and purifies impure and acne-prone skin, controlling excessive sebum production.