Face cream dry and sensitive skins Syn-Ake 3.38 o.z.

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Extraordinary face cream H24 with a strong hydrating and anti-aging action. The innovative cosmetic adjuvant SynAke, relaxes and stretches the facial muscles counteracting the depth of wrinkles in few applications. The synergy of vitamins A and E restores the cell mem-branes of collagen and elastin, providing a significant increase in tissue hydration and giving dermis tone and elasticity. Recommended in dry and sensitive skin treatment.


Spread a small quantity of product on the face, neck and décolleté with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. Apply morning and evening.


VITAMIN E: The Tocopherol, important antioxidant, counteracts the harmful effect of free radicals. In this special formulation, it is easily conveyable in the tissues, thus quickly providing the supply of nutrients necessary to the protection of cell membranes fat, slowing down the physiological aging.

VITAMIN A: The Retinol is essential to the maintenance and development of dermis connective structure. It stimulates cells regeneration and the synthesis of collagen, playing an important action of preservation of skin turgidity and, in the meantime, an important repairing action towards dehydrated and cracked tissues.

SYN-AKE: Dermo-cosmetic active ingredient of technological origin, derived from the whey of viper. It reduces the muscles contractions, responsible for facial expressions, smoothing and preventing expression lines and giving the face a more compact and defined outline.