Syn-Ake sensitive and dry skins face mask 3.38 o.z.

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Purifying mask based on SynAke, Vitamin A and Collagen. It stimulates cell renewal and thoroughly cleans the skin giving a youthful and bright appearance. Thanks to the synergy between its components, it stimulates the collagen production providing deep hydration and fighting wrinkles, signs of aging and dry skin. Indicated in the treatment of dry and sensitive skin.


Apply the product evenly on the face and neck. Leave on for about 10 minutes, then remove with warm water.


VITAMIN A: The Retinol is essential to the maintenance and development of dermis connective structure. It stimulates cells regeneration and the synthesis of collagen, playing an important action of preservation of skin turgidity and, in the meantime, an important repairing action towards dehydrated and cracked tissues.

SYN-AKE:Dermo-cosmetic active ingredient of technological origin, derived from the whey of viper. It reduces the muscles contractions, responsible for facial expressions, smoothing and preventing expression lines and giving the face a more compact and defined outline.

SHEA BUTTER: Particularly rich in vitamins, it performs nourishing and antioxidant actions. At the same time it creates a protective film on the skin protecting it from external aggressions, from the cold and from dehydration, leaving it soft and elastic.

ALLANTOIN: A fundamental molecule for the health of connective tissue. It exerts an important moisturizing and supporting action on the skin, improving tone and elasticity and thus preventing wrinkles appearance. It deeply nourishes and stimulates its physiological cellular self-regeneration, keeping it young over time.

BISABOLOL: Thanks to its soothing properties, it is particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skins. In fact, it hinders inflammation, redness and irritations of all kinds. Recommended also in the treatment of skin deseases, such as atopic and seborrheic dermatitis and in cases of skin pigmentation disorders, such as solar lentigo, senile lentigo and melasma.

ZINC OXIDE: Among the many properties of zinc oxide, there is a marked soothing and astringent action, particularly indicated for the treatment of impure skins.

QUICK LIFT®: Natural sugar polymer with an instant and lasting skin tightening effect. Firms, smoothes the skin and provides an illuminating effect.