Synergy oil for dry skin 1 o.z.

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Shock effect sinergy for dry skin. Rich of plant extracts of Hop, Blueberry and Rosa Centifolia Water. Thanks to the strong hop’s moisturizing action, blueberry’s decongestant action and rose’s soothing action, it plays a strong remedial, emollient and decongestant action, thus being a necessary product in the treatment of dry, sensitive and irritated skins.



Can be used pure, in small quantity, gently massaging the face, neck and decolleté or mixed with other products of the same Skin System’s professional cosmetic line to enhance the effectiveness.


HOP: Hops extracts stimulate the activity of cellular components, with subsequent eutrophic and regulatoty activity at the level of the dermis and epidermis. The hop produces a sensational softening effect, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

BLUEBERRY: Suitable for the treatment of reddened, fragile and sensitive skins. In fact plays a soothing action on the delicate and prone to redness skin, protecting its balance, strengthening its natural defenses and improving its appearance.

ROSA CENTIFOLIA WATER: The combination of its constituent elements such as flavonoids and pectins gives the Rosa Centifola Water important antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Pectins have the ability to absorb significant amounts of water holding it inside them and releasing it by degrees, whereas flavonoids protect dermis structure from external aggressions. Skin thus becomes more elastic and moisturized over time

BISABOLOL: Thanks to its soothing properties, it is particularly indicated in the treatment of sensitive and delicate skin. It contrasts indeed inflammation, redness and irritation of all kinds. Also indicated in the treatment of skin diseases, such as atopic and seborrheic dermatitis and in cases of skin pigmentation disorder, such as solar lentigo, lentigo senili and melasma.

ALLANTOIN: A fundamental molecule for the health of the dermis. Rich in antioxidant, soothing, moisturizing and repairing substances, it protects the skin from the harmful aggressions of free radicals, preventing normal skin aging. It nourishes it in depth and stimulates its physiological cellular self-regeneration, keeping it young over time

COLLAGEN: A fundamental molecule for the health of connective tissue. It exerts an important moisturizing and supporting action on the skin, improving tone and elasticity and thus preventing wrinkles