Argan oil-Bio synergy 1 o.z.

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Anti-age synergy made of BIO Argan oil and Vitamin E. A true elixir of beauty for the skin. Thanks to its active formulation, it plays a powerful combined action, antioxidant, antiinflammatory and emollient. To rediscover a facial skin smooth, firm and well hydrated.



Can be used pure, in small quantity, gently massaging the face, neck and decolleté or mixed with other products of the same Skin System’s professional cosmetic line to enhance the effectiveness.


VITAMIN E: Tocopherol, antioxidant, antiradical, protects the lipid of cell membranes attacked by pollution, UV rays, smoke, natural skin aging, thus maintaining the collagen unchanged, backbone of the dermis. The skin so remains toned and elastic preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Its distinctly protective action gives a role of primary importance in the prevention of skin aging.

ARGANIA SPINOSA: The BIO Argan oil is used in the cosmetic field for its antioxidant, emollient, moisturizing and highly elasticizing properties. It’s one of the most important oils for skin rejuvenation. Thanks to its content of several essential fatty acids and the addition of Vitamin E, this very precious synergy is an excellent elisir of beauty for the skin.