Peel-off pink mask – Hydro 3.38 o.z.


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Face peel-off mask moisturizes, purifies and smoothes the skin. It protects from air pollution and the harmful effect of free radicals, evens out the complexion and gives immediate freshness. Its
particular texture acts like a film that catches any impurities removing them with an easy gesture. Formulated with botanical ingredients such as Moringa and Nigella sativa extracts, it protects the skin from air pollution, from the harmful effect of UV rays and at the same time plays an important purifying and antibacterial action arising especially in the inhibition of bacteria that cause acne.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spread a thin and uniform layer of mask on cleansed and dry face, leaving out eyes, eyebrows, nostrils and lips. Leave to dry for 20-30 minutes and gently remove from the face
like a film. Remove any residue with a sponge soaked in water.


ASEBIOL™: Sebum-regulating synergic complex. It balances the quantity of sebum by inhibiting 5α-reductase, the enzyme responsible for its production. It is clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of oiliness and skin imperfections.

MORINGA OLEIFERA: Moringa oleifera seed oil is a concentrate of vitality and nourishment for the skin. Rich in proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, beta-carotene and flavonoids with antioxidant effects, it inhibits the activity of free radicals, helps to purify from imperfections and oxidative damage, to moisturize and nourish the skin in depth. Protective effect: rich in polyphenols and phytosterols, plays an important antioxidant action, protects the skin from air pollution, smoke and other pollutants as well as from the harmful effect of UV rays. Purifying effect: plays an important antibacterial and antimicrobial action, particularly inhibiting the growth of acne bacteria, counteracting skin imperfections. Moisturizing and emollient effect: rich in proteins, amino acids, sterols, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, it plays both an important direct moisturizing activity, being composed of hydrophilic molecules that retain water, both indirect, creating a film on the skin surface that avoids water loss.

NIGELLA SATIVA: The Nigella Sativa seed extract, rich in Omega 3 and 6, proteins, trace elements and enzymes, plays an antioxidant action protecting the skin from the aggression of free radicals. It regenerates and revitalizes dry, sensitive or irritated skin from skin problems such as acne

LACTIC ACID: Alpha-hydroxy acid that promotes cell renewal, removing any melanin deposits present in the most superficial layers of the skin without altering the pH. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin and, thanks to its hygroscopic properties, attracts and retains water molecules in the deepest layers of the skin, giving it compactness and elasticity.

TOCOPHEROL: It performs an important antioxidant action capable of blocking the harmful effect that free radicals exert on the cells. It protects the structure of collagen and preserves skin elasticity, thuscounteracting premature aging due to the oxidative stress of sun rays, pollution and smoke.