Oily skin face mask Aloe Vera 8.45 o.z.

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Purifying mask based on Aloe Vera. Enriched with Collagen and Bisabolol with strong antioxidant and sebumregulating properties. Detoxifying, healing and bactericidal, this product helps to rebalance the skin’s pH and sebaceous secretion, eliminating the annoying shiny appearance and giving the tissue a compact and homogeneous appearance. Recommended in impure and acne-prone skin treatment.


Apply the product evenly on the face and neck. Leave on for about 10 minutes, then remove with warm water.


ALOE VERA: Aloe Vera, particularly rich of vi- tamin A B C E, minerals and other substances es- sential for derma health, performs an important restoring, antioxidant, astringent, seboregula- tory and immunostimulatory action. It hinders the oxidative stress, favoured by chemical, phy- sical, biological, mental and nutritional factors, thus blocking the physiological process of skin cells aging. It disinfects and purifies the impure and acneic skin, controlling the excessive pro- duction of sebum.

COLLAGEN: Essential molecule for the con- nective tissue health. It has an important moi- sturizing and supporting action on the skin, improving tone and elasticity and thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

BISABOLOL: Thanks to its soothing proper- ties, it is particularly suitable for sensitive and de- licate skins. In fact, it hinders inflammation, red- ness and irritations of all kinds. Recommended also in the treatment of skin deseases, such as atopic and seborrheic dermatitis and in cases of skin pigmentation disorders, such as solar lenti- go, senile lentigo and melasma.

ZINC OXIDE: Among the many properties of zinc oxide, there is a marked soothing and astringent action, particularly indicated for the treatment of impure skins.