STRONG CELLULITE BODY OIL Sea Oak, Ivy, Horse Chestnut, Sea Weed 16.90 o.z.



Functional massage oil enhanced, specific for the treatment of cellulite’s skin blemishes. Particularly rich in highly concentrated herbal ingredients, it stimulates blood circulation, lipid metabolism and the elimination of excess liquids. It allows a perfect fluidity to the manual movement, being particularly suitable as a support to the professional activity, in the execution of the chosen massage technique.


Apply the required quantity of product. Proceed with the appropriate massage technique.


SEA OAK: The extract of Quercia Marina (fu- cus or Alga Bruna), has important stimulating and reducing properties. Thanks to the enormous intake of iodine, it stimulates the proper functioning of the thyroid activity by accelerating the metabolism of fat, thus promoting the circulation of interstitial fluids and progressively reducing cellulite’s blemishes. Valid and effective aid in the prevention and treatment of im- perfections related to localized fat. Particularly suitable in the case of dry, withered and senescent skin, it re- stores tone to tissues with visible results already from the first applications. Excellent as an organism purifier.

IVY: The most known and significant quality of ivy is the ability to counteract cellulite’s skin blemishes. Thanks to its remarkable draining properties and its ability to stimulate blood microcirculation, ivy is among the most used natural remedies to mitigate and prevent the appearance of subcutaneous fat and at the same time prevent and counteract swelling and heaviness of the lower limbs.

HORSE CHESTNUT: In cosmetics the horse chestnut seeds extract is used for its vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and draining properties. Particularly suitable for treatment of lower limbs blemishes, such as edema, cellulite and microcirculation’s defects.

SEA WEED: Particularly rich in iodine, minerals, magnesium, vitamin A B C, proteins, fatty acids, they perform important beneficial actions for the skin. Easily conveyable, they stimulate cellular metabolism and microcirculation, reducing localized fat deposits, excess fluids from the tissues and the annoying “orange peel” effect. They improve tone, elasticity and skin appearance that will be more taut and brighter.