SUGAR CRYSTALS Vitamina B Complex, Mineral Salt 2.705 o.z.



100% natural exfoliant rich in B group vitamins and mineral salts and alpha-hydroxy acids. It gently removes impurities leaving the skin hydrated, soft and elastic. It stimulates cell turn-over, removes toxins and oxygenates the tissues.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix in a ratio of 1: 2 the Sugar Crystals of the I Puri line with one of the four oils of the same line until a creamy amalgam is obtained and apply on dry or wet skin by exercising gentle or energetic circular movements depending on the area to be treated. Rinse-off. Hygroscopic product.


KHANDSARI BIO SUGAR CRYSTALS: Particular organic sugar of ancient Indo cultivation with a high content of minerals and vitamin B. Obtained in a natural way through the evaporation of the juice of the sugar cane, until its crystallization without any chemical process. Gently exfoliates and reduces skin spots, highly moisturizing, it leaves the skin soft and velvety, uniforming the complexion