THERMO-SLIM body Bandage (2 soaked bandages)



Thermo-warming bandages for the body, rich in plant actives highly
concentrated, designed to counteract cellulite and localized fat. Easily conveyable, the active ingredients act quickly by stimulating thermogenesis, a process causing an increase in the consumption of energy that helps weight loss. Thermogenesis stimulates the adipose tissue favoring the dissolution of localized fat deposits. Suitable for thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. Reshapes, tones and elasticizes the skin.



Stimulates the microcirculation, drawing blood towards the skin surface with consequent heat production. It acts on the processes that regulate the circulation of liquids, oxygenating the tissues and promoting intercellular exchanges. It accelerates the basal metabolism of the cells thus contributing to the reabsorption of the edemas and the reduction of localized adiposity.


The extract of Ginkgo Biloba, particularly rich in ginkgolides A, B and C, flavonoids, flavones and flavanols, has a marked anti-free radical activity that manifests itself with an improvement in cellular metabolism. It prevents the lipid peroxidation of the membranes and protects the vascular endothelium leading to a stabilization of the capillary permeability and consequently to an improvement of the microcirculation functions.


Horsetail rich in mineral salts, plays an important purifying and diuretic action, effectively acting on water retention. Rich in flavonoids, saponins, salicylic
acid, fatty acid esters, Vit. C, phytosterols, malic and oxalic acid, it contrasts stretch marks, tones and soothes the skin.


Panax Ginseng prevents cell aging by stimulating tissue metabolism.
It tones, elasticizes the skin and provides a greater quantity of oxygen to the tissues, guaranteeing better energy circulation.


Paullinia cupana is particularly rich in choline, catechin, tannins and caffeine, substances that stimulate thermogenesis, a process through which an increase in energy consumption is determined, which helps slimming.
Thermogenesis stimulates the adipose tissue and favors the dissolution of localized fat deposits.


Ruscus Aculeatus extract is used in the treatment of sensitive skin affected by capillary and couperose fragility. Thanks to the beneficial properties at the
level of the microcirculation, it is particularly indicated in the treatment of tired and heavy legs affected by venous insufficiency. The marked anti-edema action in the interstitial liquids makes it the natural active essential for the treatment of skin imperfection of cellulite and localized adiposity.


Bundle each leg starting from the ankle, taking care that the bandage overlaps by 3/4 cm each round.
The bandage of the right leg should follow the counterclockwise direction, while the left leg the clockwise direction. Climb up to the hips, buttocks and abdomen. For use on the arms, wrap the bandage starting from the elbow going up to the shoulder, following the technique reported for the legs. Leave to act for 20/30 minutes wrapping the customer in the cartene. Remove the bandages, make the residues absorb with a light massage and complete the treatment by applying the specific products of the same line.