TONIC BODY CREAM VoluformTM, Sveltine® ST, Shea Butter 6.76 o.z.



Intensive cream with a firming and remodeling action for the body. Indicated for the deep treatment of skin imperfections linked to loss of tone and elasticity, it ensures a renewed tone and more harmonious forms. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by the synergistic action between two patented Active Ingredients and a highly concentrated phytotherapeutic ingredient: the Voluform TM fills the volumes in depth, the Sveltine® ST remodels the thighs, abdomen and hips and lifts up the buttocks, while the Shea Butter elasticizes the skin maintaining its natural tone and preventing stretch marks.


Apply the product morning and evening on the areas to be treated and massage with circular
movements until completely absorbed.


VOLUFORM™: Amino acidic derivative with a high index of skin penetration known for its ability to support tissues and vital skin proteins repair. It acts directly on the cell which guarantees volume and tone to the skin, strengthening fibroblasts and improving elasticity. VOLUFORM is a natural alter- native to lipofilling for its ability to fill and reshape volumes from within, lifting the skin and giving it tone and elasticity.

SVELTINE® ST: Lythrum Salicaria extract rich in two specific bio-markers that act simultaneously on the main body areas, lifting buttocks and remodeling thighs, hips, abdomen and arms. It acts on the whole adipocyte metabolism with a remodeling effect on the areas treated in depth with extraordinary effectiveness and speed of action.

BURRO DI KARITÈ: Shea Butter: Particularly rich in vitamins and essential substances for the skin, it has important moisturizing, nourishing and antioxidant functions. It favors the production of collagen giving tone and, thanks to its marked nourishing action, it gives elasticity and is therefore indicated in the treatment of stretch marks and mature skins. It creates a protective film against external aggressions, cold and dehydration.